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Quantum Physics says that "Every thing in this Universe is Energy". Our thoughts are energy.

Positive & Focus thoughts gives us positive energy.

It enables our subconscious mind to generate new thoughts and ideas to become more innovative & Creative.


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“Dinesh Kalia delivered everything they promised. Our clients satisfaction levels are at an all-time high!

Participants attending our Health workshops are getting instant relief from Stress, Anxiety, high B.P. Blood sugar level of Diabetic patients goes significantly down in just one sitting.


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Psycho-Neurobics is a unique concept based on how to lead a happy and healthy life.

Dr.Chandershekhar Tiwari of SIGFA Solutions developed the message of Psycho-Neurobics to the society.

The key components of human being are the Body, the Mind and the Soul,which connects with the Supreme


Once we understand ,how to check our thoughts,our path of success in any segment of our life becomes easy. 

Implementation process from start to finish.

Continuous monitoring & persuasion is the key to success.We monitors key performance Indicators at 3-week Intervals, adjusting strategies as needed.